Remote Support for Chromebooks

Use Senso

Old method as of 07/14/2021
The blog above shows the basics for how to use Chrome Remote Desktop for remote support on a Chromebook.
Basic steps
Person Asking for Support

  1. Go to
  2. The first time the user uses Remote Desktop they will need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. They can do so by clicking the down arrow in the Get Support box.
  3. Once installed, click the Generate Code button
  4. Take the code and give to the Staff member providing remote support. This is a one time use code and if it isn’t used to connect with in the 5 minute window, the code expires.
  5. Once they enter the code on their device, click Share to allow access.

Person Providing Support

  1. Go to
  2. In the Give Support section, click Access code and enter the code from the end user’s screen. Then click Connect
  3. Your screen will now show a Support session number. The Remote User will be prompted that you want to connect and to click the Share button. Once they do you’ll be able to control their screen.
  4. To end the the session you can click Disconnect from your computer or Shop Sharing on the remote computer.
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