How to Keep a Windows 10 Laptop On When Lid is Closed

In this article you will learn how to setup a laptop so that the computer stays on when the lid is closed and connected to power.

Why would you want to do this?


Let's say you have dual monitors connected to your laptop along with a wired/wireless keyboard and mouse. You would like the laptop out of the way because you don't necessarily need it's display, keyboard, or trackpad. It's really just occupying space. 


The steps below will allow you to close the lid while still be able to use the laptop.

  1. Type "Lid" in the search located on the bottom left of your display next to the Windows Logo.
  2. Click @ the top of the list: "Change what closing the lid does"
  3. Under the "Plugged in" section at the bottom right next to "When I close the lid:" Use the drop down to select "Do nothing"
  4. Click "Save Changes" @ the bottom.

You are now able to close the lid of the laptop when connected to power without the laptop shutting down or going to sleep.


This only work when the laptop is connected to power.
It is NOT recommended to set "Do nothing" when on battery.

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