Removal of old printers & installing new printers

In this article you'll learn how to remove & install printers @ FCPS

What we will accomplish:

Removal of old print server printers
Add new print server printers

What you won't learn in this article:

How to setup mailboxes (if your school uses them)

- Removal of old printers on E181PSERVER2

  1. Search for "Printer & Scanners
  2. Select " Printers & scanners" at the top of the list. This will open the printer settings page
  3. Remove ALL printers that have " E181PSERVER2" after the name. In this example it is " BP_Lab_Printer on E181PSERVER2
    • Write down each printer you will remove before you actually remove it. You'll have to add those particular ones back in most cases.
  4. Click " Remove Device" to remove the printer. Then select " Yes"

- Adding a printer

  1. Click " Add a printer or scanner"
  2. Once you click " Add printer or scanner" a long list of printers will populate (this could take a minute). Select and install each printer " One at a time
    1. In this example, I'll be installing PM-Office-Copier on E181PRINT. You need to install the printers that goes with your location and user.
    2. Click " Add Device" next to the printer you would like to install
  3. You'll then see a installation progress bar at the top of the list
  4. Once the install completes you can add the additional printers in the same fashion.

That's it!

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