Chromebook Printing @ FCPS

Installing Mobility Print on Chromebooks

In this article you'll learn how to install Mobility Print on a Chromebook.

What is Mobility Print?

Mobility Print is an app that will allow you to print to FCPS printers from a Chromebook device.

Let's begin the installation

  1. Make sure your user is logged in to the Chromebook and connected to "FCPS-Managed" WiFi
  2. Install the Mobility Print App
  3. Open a document you'd like to test print
  4. Print the document (Notice something? you don't have any printers in the Destination list.)
  5. Add printers to the list by clicking "See more..."
  6. You'll see this window pop open
  7. Select the printer you would like to print to. In this example I'm selecting "HP LaserJet M604 [08915b]"
  8. Once selected you see it in the drop down list
  9. Repeat steps 5 - 7  if you have additional printers to add
  10. Now you're ready to print to the printer you choose.
    1. Select the printer you want to print to and click "Print"
  11. Another window will open.
  12. Login with your FULL FCPS email and password ( and click "Print"

You can now print from your Chromebook to the printers in the Destination list.

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