Chromebook Printing @ FCPS

Installing Mobility Print on Chromebooks

In this article you'll learn how to install Mobility Print on a Chromebook.

What is Mobility Print?

Mobility Print is an app that will allow you to print to FCPS printers from a Chromebook device.

Let's begin the installation

  1. Make sure your user is logged in to the Chromebook and connected to " FCPS-Managed" WiFi
  2. Install the Mobility Print App
  3. Open a document you'd like to test print
  4. Print the document (Notice something? you don't have any printers in the Destination list.)
  5. Add printers to the list by clicking " See more..."
  6. You'll see this window pop open
  7. Select the printer you would like to print to. In this example I'm selecting "HP LaserJet M604 [08915b]"
  8. Once selected you see it in the drop down list
  9. Repeat steps 5 - 7  if you have additional printers to add
  10. Now you're ready to print to the printer you choose.
    1. Select the printer you want to print to and click " Print"
  11. Another window will open.
  12. Login with your FULL FCPS email and password ( and click " Print"

You can now print from your Chromebook to the printers in the Destination list.

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